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Project Description

The Process Development Environment is an environment for the design and modeling of domain specific languages and was especially build to support the implementation of process models as languages. PDE provides a standalone WPF&MVVM-based application to edit language instances.

Available Editors and Documentation

  • The following editors are available (preconfigured, executable): Available Editors
  • A documentation for the platform and for selected editors is available here


 The Process Development Environment (PDE) is a domain specific language (DSL) modeling framework designed specifically for modeling and implementing software development processes. For that, PDE consists of a set of tools based on the Microsoft DSL toolkit allowing a graphical definition of a language as well as the generation of a  WPF-based application or a Visual Studio plugin for creating and editing language instances.

Process models (or general languages) are developed in the following steps:
  • design of a process meta-model (domain meta-model)
  • source code generation (T4 Toolkit)
  • merge with the tool framework
  • modification and extension of the created language (domain model)

PDE combines several techniques for creating languages, such as:
  • component-based language development
  • multiple model contexts per language
  • WPF-based application (inspired by modern software development IDEs), WPF-based DSL to create languages (developed with the Microsoft DSL Tools)
  • MVVM

 pde_editor1.png    pde_editor2.png



You need to have the following products installed:

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