PDE V-Modell XT Editor - Searching the V-Modell

The V-Modell XT provides a build-in search functionality, which can be accessed from the ribbon menu. The search options are as follows

  • Search Text: This is the text to be searched for. If this is left empty, the search will try to find elements and/or relationships with properties/roles/.. (based on the specified criteria) that are empty or missing.
  • Search location (Find where): This lets you select what type of elements should be searched. Possible values are:
    • Elements
    • Reference Relationships
    • Elements and Reference Relationships
  • Search criteria (Find criteria): This allows you to specified what to search within the search location. Possible values are:
    • Name
    • Type
    • Name and Type
    • Properties
    • Properties without Name
    • Roles
    • All


Advanced Search Options

Sometimes a straightforward search as described above is not enough. Therefore, an advanced search has been implemented in the V-Modell XT Editor as well. You can open the advanced search options by selecting the Edit-Menu in the Ribbon Menu and by clicking on Find Advanced.

As you see in the figure below, the advanced search options consist of the options described above as well as of additional fields:

  • Find in result: This basically denotes a search within the results from the first search. This means, that a normal search with the options described above is executed before a second search (using the Find in result options) is processed on the results of the first search.
  • Find options:
    • Match case: Only words that match the search string case by case are treated as hits.
    • Match whole word: Only whole word matches denote hits.


Search Results

The results of a search are shown in a results window in the figure below. Each entry in the results window consists of an element name, the reason describing why the entry was added to the results list as well as an embedding path of the element in the model tree.


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