PDE V-Modell XT Editor - User Interface

After starting the V-Modell XT Editor you will see the user interface as shown in the figure below. It consists of 5 primary areas:

  • The ribbon menu provides default menu bars as well as custom ones that are contextually created to support certain modeling actions.
  • The Model Tree is used to display a model hierarchy.
  • The Property Grid provides editors to modify properties of the selected element.
  • The Error List displays validation errors.
  • The Diagram Surface is used for creating model elements and relationships graphically.


Ribbon Menu

Backstage Menu

The ribbon backstage menu can be accessed by clicking on the "File" button on the left side of the ribbon. This will open up a window, which lets you create new models or open existing ones. Additionally, you can reopen recently used models as shown in the first figure below (Any time you create or open a model, it is added to the recently used models history).

The backstage menu also consists of a "Further Information" as well as a "Credits" menu item. The first provides additional information sources for the V-Modell XT, the second gives credit to either icon or control creators, whose work was used to create the WPF editor.

Home Menu bar

The home menu bar of the ribbon provides common functionality like Copy, Paste and Cut as well as Delete for model elements. The menu items Undo and Redo allow to undo the last action or redo an undone action. Navigate forward and back let you navigate to a previously selected element and vice versa. The following checked buttons Model Tree, Property Window, Error List, Dependencies and Diagram Surface indicate that the corresponding Views are visible in the application. Should a view not be visible, clicking those items will make it become visible. The last two menu items Validate and Validate All are used to start the validation process, which finds errors and inconsistencies in the model. The first menu item does that only for the selected element, while the second validates the whole model.

Edit Menu bar

The edit menu bar grants access to build-in search functionality. You can search for elements and relationships by name, type or by a property or role value.

View Menu bar

The view menu bar lets you switch model contexts. In the case of the V-Modell XT Editor you can chose to edit

  • the V-Modell XT (according to the V-Modell XT meta-model 1.3)
  • the V-Modell XT Mustertexte
  • the V-Modell XT Variant configuration

The context switch is initiated by pressing the specific menu item in the Model Context menu (see figure below).

The view menu bar also provides access to additional views like the Tailoring view (more on this below).

Plugins Menu bar

The plugins menu bar shows loaded plugins in the V-Modell XT Editor. Plugins can be of two types:

  • Functionality plugin: This is a functionality extension to the editor. In this case it is a Variantenkonfig that lets you create a Varianten configuration for the currently loaded model.
  • View plugin: This is a plugin that has its own view integrated in the editor. The V-Modell XT Konformator is such a plugin that provides conformity verification.

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